Deptford celebrates the Paralympic flame

One and a half weeks ago and with a bit of a delay, the Paralympic torch came through Deptford at the corner of Alloa Road and Evelyn Street. Thousands of spectators waited excitedly in spite of the rain on the pavements rise to welcome and celebrate the athletes, who were overwhelmed by the warm welcome. It was obvious that the athletes were in pleasant anticipation of the Games. web page speed . The trail led through to Deptford High Street and was handed over to Greenwich at Creek Road where the flame passed the refurbished Cutty Sark and shipped over by the bearers in a boat across the Thames to continue the journey to the Olympic Village.

With a brief from Lewisham council to film this spectacular event we headed off to the starting point, laden with our in-house video equipment. There we waited, approximately one hour in the rain for the delayed torch with a too-small umbrella.

Just in time with the arrival of the torch, the rain had stopped and the fight for the best shots begun. I successfully dodged the crisscrossing feet chasing the torch bearers but instead found myself flying over an unexpected hydrant obstructing me.
But yet the mood was great and the jubilant spectators and the happy faces of the athletes were a welcome compensation to my bruises.
My stint of sports was covered for this week and with a throbbing knee, flat feet, a lot of footage and goosepimples on the skin we headed back to the studio.
2.2 miles within one hour: my personal record! That was not the easiest job but exciting and unforgettable. Mission accomplished!