Viral Marketing: New single by PSY

LV_Gangam style

Viral marketing is one of the most widespread strategies that marketing managers use for their campaigns. It is not hard to understand the meaning of ‘viral marketing’. The word ‘viral’ helps us to understand that it is a way to spread a message very quickly, like a virus. However, it is very hard to create a good viral marketing strategy.

 It usually refers to marketing on the Internet and there are different techniques to create a viral message but the most common is by viral video. facebook down . Everyday several videos crowd websites, social media and email in order to go viral, but just a few of them achieve viral status.

 We recently had a great example of a viral video that has reached one billion YouTube views in less than 6 months! The infamous South Korean musician PSY with his song “Gangnam Style” became a viral video without any special campaigns. Who hasn’t watched the video at least once or tried to mimic the dance? Even if you don’t understand the words of the song, it doesn’t matter because the motif is in your mind anyway. This artist became the most famous South Korean musician in the world, in less than a year.

 PSY is now ready to debut with his new single tomorrow at 6.30pm Korean Standard Time in a live streamed concert from Seoul World Cup Stadium. The world is eager to listen to his new song and to start dancing again. Will he be able to do another great viral video? Will he be able to get into people’s mind like ‘Gangnam Style’? This is a big challenge for PSY and we look forward to listening to him!