PR week- gushing about shocking Bodyform Facebook response

Late last week, Bodyform the famous sanitary towel and female hygiene company had been caught off guard by a member of the public who was confused by the usual depiction of women on their period that body-form normal portray in their promotions. Richard Neill, typical guy commented ,that the ‘normal’ images of women enjoying a wonderful, happy ‘time of the month’, strangely constricted to the reality of pain, hunger, fever and mood swings. But are Bodyform really to blame for this misconception of menstruation?

In reality menstruation for  most women is at least pleasant, it is a delicate, painful and frustrating time that most females want to be over quickly, however if body-form showed this true representation of  the so called happy time of the month would they still continue to have as many female fans and buyers as they currently do?

Its all part of promotion and no harm done, most ladies don’t want to be reminded of how painful and draining menstruation can be, Bodyform simply lets us celebrate our womanhood and liberate us, allowing female viewers to feel as though their period should not restrict them or distract them from continuing with their normal lives.

The company instead of glazing over  Richard Neil’s comment however chose to respond to it in a subtle humorous but also informative way, Richard, the person who made the initial comment was mentioned and addressed personally in the response advert named ‘the truth’ which can be viewed on YouTube . The comical approach was taken in the narrative of  a corporate woman discussing and comparing the reality and truths relating to Bodyform’s method of marketing. This speedy but effective response to the comment by Richard, who would be normally be seen as a slight comment from the general public was perhaps the first to bring up the issue, the power of current social media allows any voice, opinion and belief from the public to be shared and heard meaning a member of the general public who would have been typically ignored can now be appreciated and influential like a big, well known company such as Bodyform.

Strangely enough, Bodyform’s method of response was bold, informative and incredibly fast with the video form advert being released within eight days that the comment by Richard had first been posted. The effectiveness of social media allows the processing and filming of the advert to be delivered faster also representing the power of communication and technology combined. Communication of visual and aural information and the technology and film production which allows it to be shared and distributed quickly and efficiently.

Female hygiene and menstruation being a sensitive and at some a taboo area of discussion and debate make it a bold move for Bodyform to take in responding so boldly and openly about. explaining the female body and reasons for the deceiving images of women having a healthy, active, positive time whilst being on their period. It is an unexpected but striking thing for the sanitary brand to take but at the same time shows how maturely and rationally a big company can use social media and film technology to inform, educate and share information to their advantage.