The Cosmonaut


On the 14th of May there was the premiere of the movie “The Cosmonaut”, a Spanish film of science-fiction. It tells the story of the first Russian cosmonaut, Stas, who travels to the Moon during the Space Race. When he comes back to the Earth, he finds it completely empty.

However, the plot is not the main reason why you should watch this film. There are many reasons why this movie attracts my attention and I would like to explain a few of them.

First of all, “The Cosmonaut” is a movie produced by more than 5000 people! The main producer is Riot Cinema, a small studio based in Madrid, which is composed of three young people: Nicolás Alcalá, Carola Rodriguez and Bruno Teixidor. They wrote and produced the film, but they didn’t have enough money to achieve it. In order to solve this problem without asking money from other cinema producer companies, they used a great idea to find funds: crowdfunding. It is an alternative way to fund an activity, usually by Internet, and you just need to find enough people interested in your project that are willing to give you money to support it. In exchange for a little money, you can get a role in the project or exclusive items. For example, in “The Cosmonaut” case, if you paid €5, your name would have appeared in the credits of the movie as a producer!


After four years and a final budget of €860,000, the Riot Cinema team was able to release its movie. Even if the final budget wasn’t so high, “The Cosmonaut” is a great film full of visual effects. The team declares and believes that “in cinema, to crash a car you don’t need a car, nor a crash, or a million dollars”. This quote explains how it was possible to make a brilliant movie with a low budget. They just needed a green screen, computers, a lot of patience and creativity.

If you don’t believe me, you can visit the movie website and watch it immediately. This is another reason that makes the movie very interesting: “the Cosmonaut” is available not only in the cinemas, but also on Internet for free.

However, even though the Riot Cinema team has given people the opportunity to watch it for free at home, most of the cinemas have sold out of tickets! This proves that people still like to go to the cinema to enjoy a good movie. The cinema industry is not dead, but it always needs new ideas to give people a reason to go. Cinema is always the best place to create the right atmosphere to enjoy a movie and live different stories through different characters.

Sara Aversa

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